As MAC & GE prices of certified Mint State...
Both NGC...
and PCGS coins...
continue to rise in value...
MAC PCGS and MAC NGC coins follow in their footsteps with higher values.
With over 46,000 coins MAC’d to date....
worth over $40 million...
& GE (grade enhancements).
MAC is already changing the numismatic industry.

If your coin is spotless, it’s MACABLE


The next Coin Market Boom has begun!

Welcome MAC!

MAC – will apply to all modern issue coins, like the way CAC pertains to traditional coins. If your coin is MACABLE it means you have a modern coin of “PQ”- premium quality that is
usually SPOTLESS if after 1960. For example, a coin certified as MS-67 that has exceptional characteristics for its grade would be designated MS-67 MAC. That coin can then sell for more than the value of the coin itself and its POP – from 120% to up to ten times its value or more with the MAC designation.

  • MAC Stickering is a must!
  • If you want to obtain the full value of your coins, MAC Stickering is a must!
  • Find peace in the value of your collection, MAC Stickering is a MUST!

MAC will not sticker Silver Eagles, Silver Coins, or Proof coins (both U.S and World) due to spotting by PCGS. MAC partners have endowed the company with millions in capital and develop, market, and trade in Modern Approved Coin (MAC) & Grade Enhancements (GE) stickered products. Just like CAC.



MAC takes up where CAC leaves off.

MAC only stickers spotless coins (1960-Present). If you have a certified modern Mint State (post 1940) coin of premium quality your coin is MACABLE. A MAC sticker could enable you to increase the value of your coins above that stated in existing Price Guides. MAC provides the Price Guide and POP reports for all coins that have been through its process. Take a look at our MAC Price Guides to see what a MAC sticker could do to the value of your coins! OVER 250,000 PRICES FOR MAC COINS


Increase your revenues by 20% to 30%




A MAC sticker can increase your revenues on your PCGS and NGC inventory, from Indian Cents to Morgan Dollars without even purchasing another coin. With proper use of MAC & GE you can easily generate revenues beyond your best expectations, ranging from 20% to over 100 times on GE coin.


Applied to 90% of all U.S. traditional and foreign coins

Grade Enhancements can be applied to 90% of all U.S. traditional and foreign coins that have been overlooked for 80 years. Where current certification reflects the grade of a coin, Grade Enhancements are all about the differences in the die strike. Take a look at our Grade Enhancement designations and Price Guides to see what a MAC GE sticker could do to the value of your coins!

“You can easily evaluate your collections and or dealer
inventory and gain knowledge on Modern Issues as well as GE tradional coins.
MAC has changed the perception of pricing for the average user.”




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The next Coin Market Boom has begun, welcome MAC!

Now we come to today with the introduction of MAC certification and stickering in 2014. It is a brand new ball game where anyone who studies the 16 Patented Grade Enhancement or GE of US coins or Foreign can make a lot of money in today’s market of numismatics.          

The next Coin Market Boom has begun, welcome MAC!, Alan Hager


Alan Hager - Founder

Alan Hager has been a lifelong Numismatist. At age 69 he brings to MACge his vast knowledge of every major traditional rarity, in having handled over 98% of every major 19th century rarity coin. He invented the Slab and the Certification process that is used universally by NGC and PCGS. Alan has written (7) books on U.S. Numismatics. His client list exceeds 100,000… 60,000 of which he acquired in the last nineteen years on eBay, His extensive inventory exceeds 20,000 certified coins listed on E-Bay, valued in excess of millions. He owns over 60% of all “Finest Known” Modern coins, Cents to Dollars, listed on E-Bay today. He looks through over 20,000 coins per month and submits for certification over 25,000 coins per year. He is bringing this knowledge and expertise to MACge LLC

Mike Rubin - CO Founder

Mike Rubin was bitten by the “collecting bug” early in life. At around 12 he saw an ad in one of his comic books that extolled the virtues of stamp collecting and offered a selection of world stamps, an album and hinges. Thus began a 40-year hobby. Mike built a world class collection of classic US and British Commonwealth stamps and also specialized in aerophilately and first day covers. He was a member of APS, BPS and RPS and submitted several thousand items for certification. One day, surrounded by several hundred albums, dozens of unreviewed auction lots and many items awaiting incorporation into one of his specialties he decided it was time to go cold turkey. It took numerous international auctions to dispose of his collections. Mike Rubin’s vision for MACge is and always be inspired by his love for coins.

Brittany Fassitt - IT

Right out of Full Sail University, Brittany Fassitt began developing the MACGE website. With little to know experience in coins, Brittany was knowledgeable enough to know that the coin industry lacked a touch of modern. She quickly understood that most collectors are mostly ‘traditional’ and she has always wanted to honor traditions using modern advances. Her goal was to ensure that our customers were getting the most convenient experience possible-“accessing price guides quickly”. Brittany specializes in modern design. She focused on bringing new perspectives to our most traditional currency using graphic and urban color schemes. With remarkable feedback to our site in just a few months, some could say that she has found a niche to what our industry is missing. In doing so, Brittany soon found her own love for coins and has been collecting Park and State Quarters.


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