MAC takes up where CAC leaves off. MAC only stickers spotless coins. If you have a certified modern Mint State (post 1940) coin of premium quality your coin is Macable. A MAC sticker could enable you to increase the value of your coins above that stated in existing Price Guides. MAC provides the Price Guide and POP reports for all coins that have been through its process. Take a look at our MAC Price Guides to see what a MAC sticker could do to the value of your coins!


A MAC sticker can increase your revenues by 20% to 30% on your PCGS and NGC inventory, from Indian Cents to Morgan Dollars without even purchasing another coin. With proper use of MAC & GE you can easily generate revenues beyond your best expectations, ranging from 20% to over 100 times on GE coin. Remember, that any MAC of GE stickered coin is of premium quality for its grade. On modern issue MAC coins they must be spotless. On GE coins we are looking for First-Strikes.


Grade Enhancements can be applied to 90% of all U.S. traditional and foreign coins that have been overlooked for 50 years. Where current certification reflects the grade of a coin, Grade Enhancements are all about the differences in the die strike. Take a look at our Grade Enhancement designations and Price Guides to see what a MAC GE sticker could do to the value of your coins!