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Welcome MAC! MAC has changed the perception of pricing for the average user. You can easily evaluate your collections and or dealer inventory and gain knowledge on Modern Issues as well as GE traditional coins 1780-1950. Over the last 10 years the market for Silver Eagles World Crowns have changed in NGC’s favor. The NGC Edge View Holder in 2008 was a game changer allowing for NGC to dominate in Eagles and world coins with an grade accuracy of 90%. It has eliminated the major spotting problem for Silver Eagle 1st and 2nd generation slabs for both PCGS and NGC holders. The problem was the PVC found in older holders reacted with the ammonia used in the annealing process, this caused the reaction which lead to spotting on the coins. It was this chemical reaction between PVC in the older slabs and ammonia that caused the Silver Eagles, especially PCGS, to spot and later lead to the loss of value for both dealers and collectors. MAC does not sticker PCGS Silver coinage 1995-Present.

The Next Coin Market Boom Has Begun, Welcome MAC! — The next Coin Market Boom has begun, welcome MAC!, -Alan Hager

MAC – will apply to all modern issue coins, like the way CAC pertains to traditional coins. If your coin is MACABLE it means you have a modern coin of “PQ”- premium quality that is usually SPOTLESS if after 1960. For example, a coin certified as MS-67 that has exceptional characteristics for its grade would


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